What is CoSHH

So, what is COSHH? Is it simply some more health and safety terminology that we will get round to dealing with at some time? Many of us use, or come into contact with, various products in our working life which can cause harm.  Many products commonly used at work can cause skin irritation, breathing problems, damage to eyesight or worse.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002 is the legislation that helps people understand how these substances can be controlled in their working environment. This is also very relevant to those who own businesses, those in managerial positions and anyone who has responsibility for the safety of workers and those of us who are around them.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • Dusty or fume-laden air can cause lung diseases, eg in welders, quarry works or woodworkers
  • Metalworking fluids can grow bacteria and fungi http://medimagery.com/buyvalium/ which cause dermatitis and asthma
  • Flowers, bulbs, fruit and vegetables can cause dermatitis
  • Wet working, eg catering and cleaning, can cause dermatitis
  • Prolonged contact with wet cement in construction can lead to chemical burns and/or dermatitis
  • Benzene in crude oil can cause leukaemia
  • Many other products or substances used at work can be harmful, such as paint, ink, glue, lubricant, detergent and beauty products.


There are those who believe that simply obtaining the data sheets for these products is sufficient, but it is actually how we assess the use of these products that determines the risks involved. This is the reason why we are keen for our clients to conduct COSHH assessments which we are happy to help with.

There is a better way to understand and learn more about this and have a ROSPA approved certificate to show for your efforts. Just follow this link: https://westminstercompliance.co.uk/service/health-safety/coshh/

About Us

Westminster Compliance was established to provide a more personal, proactive health and safety consultancy that would keep businesses working and compliant with ever-changing legislation.

Our presentations and training are interesting and fun because we want our clients to buy into health and safety, and definitely not to see it as a boring, unnecessary nuisance. We know that our best service is provided to small and medium sized organisations and have developed a system that works in most industries.
We stick with straightforward language, keeping away from jargon, and do not make ridiculous promises. Most importantly, we realise that we are working with human beings.

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