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How to clearly and concisely explain the work you are undertaking

Ensuring a safe and efficient work environment is paramount in any industry. Method Statements serve as crucial documents that outline the systematic and safe approach your business takes to execute specific tasks or projects. At Westminster Compliance we understand the importance of these statements in promoting a culture of safety and compliance.


What is a Method Statement?

A Method Statement is a detailed document that describes how a particular task or project will be carried out. It outlines the steps involved, potential hazards, and the control measures in place to mitigate those hazards. This document serves as a roadmap for employees, ensuring that work is conducted in a safe and organised manner.


Key Components of Our Method Statements:
  1. Project Information:

    Provide details about the project, including the name, location, and a brief description.

  2. Project Team and Roles:

    List the names and roles of the individuals involved in the task or activity. Specify the responsibilities of each team member. This promotes accountability and a coordinated effort to maintain safety standards.

  3. Materials and Equipment:

    List the materials, tools, and equipment that will be used. Ensure that all equipment is in good working condition and complies with safety standards.

  4. Task Description:

    Provide a detailed description of the task or project, outlining its scope and objectives. This ensures a clear understanding of the work to be undertaken.

  5. Protection of others:

    Detail how you are planning on ensuring the environment is safe for others, e.g visitors, members of the public, other contactors.

  6. Emergency Procedures:

    Well-defined emergency procedures ensures that in the event of unexpected situations, everyone knows what actions to take to minimise risks and ensure the safety of all personnel.

  7. Sequence of Work: 

    A step-by-step sequence of work is outlined, ensuring that tasks are executed in a logical and safe order. This helps in optimising efficiency while maintaining a focus on safety.




How Westminster Compliance Can Help You:



At Westminster Compliance our team are ready to support your business in crafting Method Statements that prioritise safety and compliance. Our services include:

  • Method Statement Templates: Our Method Statement templates ensures they capture the correct information to ensure the job is properly planned and provides clear information and instruction to the team competing the works.
  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced professionals provide guidance throughout the process, offering insights and recommendations to enhance safety measures.
  • E-Learning Academy: Our E-Learning training courses ensure that your team is well-versed in understanding and implementing the Method Statements effectively.


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For Method Statements that prioritise safety without compromising efficiency, get in touch today to find out how we can help you to create a work environment where safety is ingrained in every task.

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