Richard Blight, MBA MSC EDM(Open)

Field Consultant, specializing in the Environment

About Richard

From a young age I have always been interested in the environment, enjoying long walks in the country and helping to create a small nature reserve. Having worked in manufacturing, I have wondered at how we can turn raw materials into useful items which improve our lives. However, during 35 years of my working life I have become increasingly aware of the waste that emanates from business of all types. In recent years I have tried to help companies to reduce this waste, which has the benefit of helping them financially, but also helps the environment in which we all live. This can include physical raw materials, but also energy, water and many other aspects of all businesses, be they office based, builders or producers. I have taken up studying at various times in my life and the most recent qualification I achieved was a masters degree in the environment.

I still enjoy walking in the countryside and along the seaside but most especially I enjoy the time spent with my wife and family.


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