Accident at Work

What would you do if someone had an accident in front of you at work?  What would you do if someone had an epileptic fit, collapsed or became violently ill in front of you?  The truth is that none of us really know what we would do until the situation arose, but it is probable that there would be an element of panic in whatever action was taken.


Legislation recommends that there should be one person trained in First Aid for every twenty five people employed within a business.  And obviously there many businesses, often with fewer than twenty five staff, for which First Aid is essential.  Equally, those who work remotely, who work alone e.g. driving should also be supplied with relevant First Aid training.


It is simply good practice to be trained to help others and for small businesses to have staff around who are trained to know exactly what to do in case of any emergency.


There are emergency first aid courses available from many organisations around the country, St Johns Ambulance and the Red Cross cover almost all of the UK. Westminster Compliance also run approved emergency first aid training courses at our office in Borehamwood at a cost of £80 plus vat and have refresher courses available for £35 pus vat at:


So what would you do ?

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Westminster Compliance was established to provide a more personal, proactive health and safety consultancy that would keep businesses working and compliant with ever-changing legislation.

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