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Below you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you have a question which is not listed below, please feel free to contact us.


What happens if I have a visit from the HSE?

The visiting inspector will want to see your health and safety records to make sure you are complying with the law and operating a safe business. If your arrangements are unsatisfactory you could be issued with an Enforcement Notice detailing the problems and giving you some time to provide evidence that you have rectified the issue.
If you subscribe to our Guaranteed Compliance System following our system should be sufficient proof.
However, if you do not subscribe to our service we will be pleased to discuss with you the best way of dealing with this situation. Once we have visited your premises we can usually ensure that the inspector’s visit will not cause you too much trouble.

What should I do if I receive an enforcement notice?

The HSE and Local Authority Environmental Health Inspectors have the right of entry to any premises to conduct an inspection. If they find anything wrong – a “breach” – they can issue an Enforcement Notice. There are two types of notice:
Improvement Notice – allows time for the recipient to comply with the requirements of the legislation.
Enforcement Notice – instructing the recipient to cease the activity which is in breach of the law and not to restart until remedial action has been taken.
If you have any difficulty in carrying out the instructions in an enforcement notice we can help. We have experienced staff who can assist you with all aspects of enforcement and we have never failed to have a notice lifted.

What happens if there is an accident at work?

Depending on the severity of the accident we should either be your first or second telephone call. We are always happy to advise clients on how to complete the various documents or involve our accident investigator should this be required.

What should I expect from you when you audit my business?

We will send one of our friendly qualified consultants to spend time with whoever is responsible for the health and safety of your business. We will look through your current arrangements, inspect your premises and issue you with a report which will detail any improvements that you should make to comply with the current legislation.

What are my legal responsibilities?

If there are five or more people involved with your business/organisation, then you must have a written Health and Safety Policy that is specifically relevant to your business. You must demonstrate that you have trained your staff to understand your health and safety arrangements. Keeping the workplace healthy and safe is based upon the hazards your workforce faces – completing and reviewing the necessary risk assessments is essential. Keeping written evidence of all your actions is the only way to prove your compliance with the legislation.

Who delivers your service?

Our consultants hold a range of qualifications of which NEBOSH is the minimum for our health and safety consultants and MIFireE for our fire safety consultants. Our administrative staff are required, along with everyone else, to continue their professional development and attend various health and safety/fire safety courses on an ongoing basis.

Why Guaranteed Compliance System?

Peace of mind knowing that if you stick to this easy to follow system you will comply with current legislation. Should you have anybody question this, or have an unforeseen incident, then we will be there to guide you every step of the way. No client following our system has ever been sued due to a health and safety misdemeanour.

Who will run my system?

If you run a large organisation or simply do not have time yourself, we can help you to nominate a competent person who will run it with regular help and training from us. A great professional development opportunity for the right person!

How long is my contract for?

We do not make you sign up to any contract. We usually find it takes the best part of a year to set up every part of our compliance system. Either party is free to cancel the arrangement with just one month’s notice.

Will I need to pay for this year in advance?

We are pleased to make various alternative arrangements with our clients; however the majority of those who subscribe to our service simply pay on a monthly basis.


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