Helen Marini, Tech IOSH, ACMI


About Helen

I come from a long line of business-owning relatives so I suppose it was inevitable that I would end up doing the same. I occasionally escaped and worked as an employee – in a bank, at Heathrow Airport, at a College and as a Business Advisor at Business Link. However, sooner or later, I always ended up working for myself. I started in the family Property Maintenance business where I worked on and off for 20 years. I gained an invaluable insight into the workings of small businesses and also into why family businesses don’t always work. I ended up in Health and Safety because a) I had gained a good qualification in it, and b) because I’m perverse – I saw how health and safety was continually the butt of cheap jokes when in reality a good understanding and implementation of the legislation has saved lives and really, seriously, helps businesses to grow. I wanted to spread the word.

Socially, I rarely told anyone I worked in this industry as I got fed up with the responses. But eventually I realised that I should stand up for Health and Safety, I should bust the myths and I should do what I enjoy – help businesses to recognise that their workforce is their biggest asset and should be properly looked after. I love the variety my job brings, particularly the people I meet and the huge range of businesses I have had the privilege of working with.


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