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This client is a gym and health spa who enlisted our consultancy services, having had a scare with the Local Authority

Client Requirements:

A surprise visit by the Local Authority in response to a complaint from a gym member resulted in the company receiving an Improvement Notice. The inspector was not satisfied that the gym had sufficient measures in place to prevent a chlorine gas leak. The Company was given a month to deal with the issue or face a Prohibition Notice (forcing the gym to close) and a large fine.

First Visit:

Westminster Compliance assigned a consultant to deal with this. She visited the gym and audited all the existing documentation and spoke to all those involved in carrying out the disinfection processes. It is an accidental mix of the chemicals used which could cause chlorine gas to be formed.

Our Solution:

Our Consultant came up with a programme of improvement. This included installation of chlorine gas alarms, a health and safety management process, purchase of the correct Personal Protective Equipment, a Safe Operating Procedure, an Emergency Evacuation Procedure and full certificated staff training, We completed this programme within six weeks having requested a two week extension from the Local Authority.

The Outcome:

The Improvement Notice was lifted following a second visit from the Inspector. The Company has now signed up as a subscription client and we ensure that the new regime is adhered to.

Services Used

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