Sprinkler Systems

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) have made it clear that sprinklers, also known as Automated Fire Suppression Systems (AFSS) play a significant role in “reducing the impact to people, property and the environment, when used as part of a package of fire safety measures”.  These systems help reduce the risk to fire fighters carrying out search and rescue operations.


It seems shocking that despite recent surveys highlighting the need for such systems in care homes, retirement homes, schools and hostels, many such establishments providing shelter and accommodation to the more vulnerable members of society are still without sprinklers.  Since the tragedy of Grenfell last year, many blocks of high-rise flats (over 16 floors) are required to have AFSS retro-fitted.   Surely the same principle should be applied to the types of premises https://handsfreehealth.com/hfhealth/buy-viagra-online/ listed above?


The LFB have made recommendations that a) fitting AFSS should be a mandatory requirement when new buildings are being designed, and b) that there is a very large number of buildings that should now consider retro-fitting.  


It is time now to act to ensure that our buildings have full and appropriate fire safety measures in place.  At Westminster Compliance we work with several highly qualified retired members of the Fire and Rescue service who can help you to understand the best way to prevent fires.  We also have a range of fire safety courses in our e-Learning academy (which is on our website).  If we can be of help then please call us on 0203 411 7888 or email to info@westminstercompliance.co.uk

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