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Did you realise that under the Health and Safety at Work Act employers are obliged to train their staff in all relevant aspects of health and safety?   This is to ensure that employers have done their best to look after their staff and any other people they may come into contact with during the course of their working day.


Training is an essential way of moving a business forward.  When an organisation has well trained staff then they are more likely to weather the inevitable storms and are better placed to grow and prosper in the future.


In every health and safety policy there is a named “Competent Person” who looks after that organisation’s health and safety arrangements.  This is the person that anyone within that organisation can go to with any issues that they may have about the health and safety of their workplace.  Many people who take on this role receive no training and are expected to fill this role without any great understanding.


There are various courses that can be taken to get a greater understanding of the responsibilities that are involved.  All our subscription clients receive regular health and safety training in this matter and have the security of knowing that back-up is only one call away.


It is a legal requirement that employers comply with the legislation. If you would like your “Competent Person” to take the first step into this role then we recommend that he or she takes the course at the end of this link:


To comply fully with the legislation you must ensure that all those who work for you understand your health and safety arrangements, that you have the correct numbers trained in emergency first aid at work and fire safety.  Other common training requirements include workstation assessments, manual handling, working at height and lone working.


We can help you with any advice you need regarding health and safety training and we offer either face to face or online training. Feel free to contact us at or maybe just have a look at our eLearning Academy and take a free trial of any one of our online training courses by following this link:

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Westminster Compliance was established to provide a more personal, proactive health and safety consultancy that would keep businesses working and compliant with ever-changing legislation.

Our presentations and training are interesting and fun because we want our clients to buy into health and safety, and definitely not to see it as a boring, unnecessary nuisance. We know that our best service is provided to small and medium sized organisations and have developed a system that works in most industries.
We stick with straightforward language, keeping away from jargon, and do not make ridiculous promises. Most importantly, we realise that we are working with human beings.

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