Record Keeping

“Record keeping” is a phrase to which many people have an immediate gut reaction: “Make it simple!”, “I do not have the time”, “More paperwork?” being the most common responses.  And unfortunately, although keeping records can seem bureaucratic and boring, and although some people think they can memorise everything, it is not a waste of time but necessary good practice.


Keeping clear, accurate and updated records is essential in matters of health and safety as they provide proof that employers are doing the best that they can to look after their workers and anyone else that comes in contact with their business.  Record keeping is vital when accidents and near misses occur.  And all businesses and organisations must have risk assessments in place, keep records of all training, draw up COSHH Assessments and much more!


Westminster Compliance has an easy to use system for record keeping that we call our “Guaranteed Compliance System”.  This keeps all necessary documents in one easy to operate system folder.  We will remind you in a timely manner of all actions that need to be completed and when.  We provide the knowledge, the documentation, the system, the training and then the helping hand to ensure that your business/organisation is kept up to date and compliant with the latest legislation which is relevant to your business.


We have many businesses that subscribe to our system as it gives them the peace of mind knowing that if they simply follow our advice, use our system and let us stay in regular contact with them we can guarantee their compliance with health and safety legislation.


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About Us

Westminster Compliance was established to provide a more personal, proactive health and safety consultancy that would keep businesses working and compliant with ever-changing legislation.

Our presentations and training are interesting and fun because we want our clients to buy into health and safety, and definitely not to see it as a boring, unnecessary nuisance. We know that our best service is provided to small and medium sized organisations and have developed a system that works in most industries.
We stick with straightforward language, keeping away from jargon, and do not make ridiculous promises. Most importantly, we realise that we are working with human beings.

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